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About Me

   I never imagined myself doing anything other than being creative. I always had a wild imagination. I loved arts & crafts and creating. Whether it be writing my own mystery novels or arranging flowers in a vase, that's when I was the happiest.
   Now, I get to create memories and moments for others. That is what makes me happy. Giving people images that make them feel something and smile about that special time of their life. I love seeing the emotion between a couple coming down the aisle after saying "I DO". Or little fingers playing with their Momma's necklace when they are shy in front of the camera. Moments that are easily forgotten through our daily lives, I get to help preserve. 
   I don't take pictures so you can have them now. I take them so children and grandchildren can look back and know where they came from and feel the moment that was preserved. 
     Thank you for stopping by and I can't wait to meet you all! 

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