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I am so excited to announce that I now offer one:one mentoring sessions! 

This is a four hour course in which we will get together and cover everything you have questions about! This is a great option for somebody who has a little knowledge of shooting in manual but would like to further expand and really dig in deep. We will begin by discussing the differences in RAW + JPEG and understanding the differences of a crop frame vs. full frame camera body. If needed, we will cover the manual basics and make sure the exposure triangle is completely understood! Bring your portfolio and we will go over it together and see what your strengths are and we will focus on the rest! From there, we will go out and have a practice session with either a couple, a child or a high school senior. While we shoot side by side I will give you tips and tricks for posing. You will learn how to use different light sources and how to compose your image to tell a story. After our practice session we will sit down for a nice dinner where we will go over the business side of things. This is a great time to discuss your goals and dreams. We will then go back to the studio and learn how to bring out all of the gorgeous details of color in your images you just took! 

After your mentoring session I would love for you to send me 1 image for critique for four weeks.



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