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April 6, 2024
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

$150/per person
Limited spaces available
Snacks will be provided
Beginner Workbook from Kelsey Knutson Photography included

The class is for beginners who would like to take better pictures with their DSLR. We will start off learning the basics of using manual and the information needed to get that camera OFF Auto. We will dive in depth into the three most important things of using Manual and how they work together to create a beautiful picture in any setting. 

We will then go outdoors and practice the new information you learned! I will touch a little bit on composition, lighting and how to pose and what to look for when posing. Because most of you will be moms with cameras, we will have a child model on site to work with us so you can get some practice! I will be utilizing this time to make sure I can help each participant one on one!

After our practice session outdoors we will go back in and go over editing in Lightroom.  (Which can be purchased online for $9.99 a month at choose the Lightroom/Photoshop combination)



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