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Top 10 Family Poses

Trying to keep your family poses fresh and fun all while making sure you have the shots you need for your gallery can be a daunting task. I remember scrolling Pinterest and taking screenshots that I could pull out at client sessions when I would freeze up. Eventually I had my own list in my mind of "must have" shots for each session. I try to guide my clients through poses very gently and play more off of how they interact with each other. Each session is different but these are the top 10 family poses I try to get for each client!

I always start out with the standard, family together, smiling at the camera. This is an easy pose to start with and helps your clients loosen up. Make sure your clients are connecting with each other by holding hands, hugging, etc.

After you take the standard smiling at the camera shot, simply ask your clients to look at and talk or laugh with each other staying close together.

SOMEBODY is always ticklish. Have Mom/Dad/Siblings tickle each other. This is a great way to see the interaction between the family and how silly they're willing to go for the remainder of the session.

Snuggling. I always tell my clients, "If you think you're close enough to each other in a pose, you're not. Snuggle in even more!". This is fun and you can mix it up by having Mom and Dad looking at each other while getting the child to engage with you.

Ring-Around-The-Rosy. Kids absolutely have a blast playing this around the parents legs. These are always so much fun to do!

To mix up the standing poses, I like to have Mom and Dad turn their backs to each other while interacting with the children. You can continue this pose by having Mom and Dad glance back at each other while continuing their play time with each child.

Another Ring-Around-The-Rosy but with everybody!

I love how regal Mom's walk when they're carrying their child. So proud and in charge. This is a must have pose in my mind.

Always take a few minutes to capture Mom and Dad together. Have the kids play to the side and let them catch their breath for a second and relax. These moments are priceless and it's our job to preserve those moments for their children .

Greenville, SC field family photography kids clickin moms

Keep it candid! These are always my favorite "poses". You can guide your client but give them a chance to relax. For example, I placed the baby and told the other children to go run around him. They thought it was so much fun and we got some great pictures of them all playing together.

Remember to shoot from multiple angles to maximize each pose. To read more on that, hop on over to the Clickin Mom's website to read my guest post there!

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